The Rojahn Academy of Irish Dance
live on Stage!

The Rojahn Academy has performed more than 200 shows to this date. These include multiple attendances at major national and international events like the KKL Tattoo on Stage and Princely Lichtenstein Tattoo, as well as at the International Red Cross Ball, Expo.02, and World Music- & Dance Festivals. The dancers have also worked for both film and television.

Their performance history also includes many shows at Irish-, Music-, Band-, Folk- Dance- and St. Patrick’s Day festivals, schools, universities, weddings and company events, in hospitals, pubs as well as at birthday and Christmas parties.

Are you interested in booking our show for your event? Do not hesitate to contact us at annierojahn(at) we'll be in touch and create the perfect show for your special occasion!

Scheduled shows:


Past highlights:

Sept. 4th - 6th 2015

The Princely Lichtenstein Tattoo 2015
Schellenberg, FL

Sept. 27th + 28th 2014

"Tattoo on Stage" (KKL)
Lucerne, CH


Sept. 13rd - 15th 2013

The Princely Lichtenstein Tattoo 2013
Schellenberg, FL

Sept. 7th 2013

Integra 2013
Liestal, CH

Aug. 23rd 2013

Anniversary Celebration Hüttlingen
Hüttlingen, CH

June 22nd 2013

Celtic Fusion (KKL)
Luzern, CH


June 14th 2013

Celtic Festival
Belfaux, FR, CH


Sept. 29th + 30th 2012

"Tattoo on Stage" (KKL)
Lucerne, CH

May 2nd + 3rd 2012

Event Stadtcasino Basel
Basel, CH

April 20th 2012

Gallusjubiläum, ceremonial act (cathedral)
St. Gallen, SG, CH

report on


March 15th 2012

Zurich International Women's Association
Zurich, ZH, CH

Jan. 7th 2012

Event Trotte Villigen
Villigen, AG, CH

Sept. 28th 2011

Firmenevent CAT Medien AG
Spreitenbach, AG, CH

Sept. 2nd + 3rd 2011

Basel, BS, CH

Sept. 3rd 2011

Begegnungsfest Integra Liestal
Liestal, BL, CH

May 8th 2010

Muri, AG, CH

Jan. 22nd 2010

Company Event IBM

IBM Switzerland AG
Regensdorf, ZH

Jan. 22nd 2010

Bödälä - Dance the Rhythm
Columbus Film 2010

June 13th 2009

Open day
International School Basel (ISB)
Sept. 5th 2009

Begegnungsfest Integra Liestal

Jan. 24th 2009

Trachtengruppe Birmenstorf (AG)

Dec. 13th 2008

CD-launch with "Toutatis"
Salle de la Sacoche, Sierre

Dec. 5th 2008

CD-launch with "Pubside Down"
Schüür, Lucerne

Oct. 3rd- 4th 2008

"Tattoo on Stage" (KKL)

Trailer (3:01)
March 16th 2008

Irland-Festival (St. Patrick's Day)
Restaurant Carlton, Zurich
June 17th 2007

Credit Suisse